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Service Guarantee

At Industrial Repair Group, our goal is to offer the best repair in the industry and the most competitive quotes. Our wide selection of services and industry leading 18 month repair guarantee are sure to provide you with the perfect repair solution for all of your industrial needs. We specialize in industrial electronics, electric motor rebuilds, high pressure hose assemblies, and complete customer satisfaction.


Summary of Warranty

Industrial Repair Group LLC. warrants to you, the ORIGINAL PURCHASER and ANY SUBSEQUENT OWNER of each Industrial Repair Group repair, for a period of one (1) year and six (6) months from the date of the repair (the “warranty period”) that Industrial Repair Group’s repair service is free of defects in materials and workmanship. We further warrant the repair regardless of the reason for failure, except as excluded in this Warranty.

Items Excluded From This Warranty

This Warranty is in effect only for failure of a Industrial Repair Group repair which occurred within the Warranty Period. It does not cover any product which has been damaged because of any intentional misuse, accident, negligence, ordinary wear and tear, cosmetic damage, acts of god, or loss which is covered under any of your insurance contracts. The Industrial Repair Group Warranty also does not extend to the repaired products if the Industrial Repair Group LLC or affiliate asset control number has been defaced, altered, or removed.

What Industrial Repair Group Will Do

We will remedy any defect, regardless of the reason for failure (except as excluded), by repair, replacement, or refund. We may not elect refund unless you agree, or unless we are unable to provide replacement, and repair is not practical or cannot be timely made. If a refund is elected, then you must make the defective or malfunctioning product available to us free and clear of all liens or other encumbrances. The refund will be equal to the actual repair price, not including interest, insurance, closing costs, and other finance charges less a reasonable depreciation on the product from the date of repair. Warranty work can only be performed at our fulfillment center. We will remedy the defect and ship the product from the service center within a reasonable time after receipt of the defective product. All expenses in remedying the defect, including surface shipping costs in the United States, will be borne by us. (You must bear the expense of shipping the product between any foreign country and the port of entry in the United States including the return shipment, and all taxes, duties, and other customs fees for such foreign shipments.)

How to Obtain Warranty Service

You must notify us of your need for warranty service within the warranty period. All components must be shipped in a factory pack, which, if needed, may be obtained from us free of charge. Corrective action will be taken within a reasonable time of the date of receipt of the defective product by us or our authorized service center. If the repairs made by us or our authorized service center are not satisfactory, notify us or our authorized service center immediately.

Disclaimer of Consequential and Incidental Damages.

You are not entitled to recover from us any incidental damages resulting from any defect in the Industrial Repair Group repair service. This includes any damage to another product or products resulting from such a defect.

Warranty Alterations

No person has the authority to enlarge, amend, or modify this Warranty. This Warranty is not extended by the length of time which you are deprived of the use of your equipment. Repairs and replacement parts provided under the terms of this Industrial Repair Group Warranty shall carry only the unexpired portion of this Industrial Repair Group Warranty.